Building Plan Pass and Competition Procedure

Plan Approval Processor Building Plan Pass and Competition Procedure



1) All document plot and building if exist then on site with land , city survey , sanad, property card , property dastavej, old approved plan, check it. As per requirement measure the site with machine or by yourself. And do a truecopy of all documents

2) Sogandnamu :-
  • soogandnama of ULC
  • kabulatnamu
  • indemnity bond
  • hetufer sogandnamu
  • common plot and chalnu sogandnamu and etc.

3) First of all do a request to shri commissioner sir and their owner , architect or consulting civil engineer’s signature .

4) Fill up labour shesh form and get signature of consulting civil engineer.

5) After gated conceptual plan from architect sir. the submission drawing will made from plan, section and elevation detailed given by architect or engineer sir.

6) If after completion construction work will more added. Then show in as per plan and make submission drawing as per CGDCR.

7) And get column location , signature and stamp in form from structure engineer sir , signature or stamp in drawing , structure drawing ,stability certificate and SBC report from private lab I have to give client

8) You have to take a new sketch of city survey from survey bhavan and check on site and take measurement.

9) For paid FSI get jantri of April 2020 , revenue department or get from advocate sir. In paid FSI we get 2.0 fee . 0.5 means = 2+0.5=2.5 then of jantri’s 40% paid to RMC.
Ex. Rs. 40,000/- 40% rs. 16,000/ you have to paid for conform figure you have to take drawing from architect and jantri rate from advocate.

10) For low-rise building fire noc -primary you have to get from as.

11) We provide part plan & zoning certificate from ruda.

12) Amalgeshan and building plan CGDCR , NBC rule or RMC-TPO’s local rule under submission drawing will be made.

13) Three plot’s RMC charges is necessary paid for till 2019-2020 and open plot charges should be paid ..if it’s not paid it will pay in building plan pass process.

14) All document , plan will use & made as per CGDCR rule.

15) In the current rule city area-B area for example road’s width is 8.89m then you get double height (17.78m) at maximum limit , G+3 means 12m stair’s width you can put 10m , In G+5 stair’s width should be 15m.
- Solar is necessary to put in the plan of terrace part. - Rain water heavy siting you have to put , RWP bore recharge need it. - Lift’s minimum size is – 1.7m X 1.9m (as per NBC rule) - Lift’s passage width is - 1.8m X 2.0m (as per NBC rule) - Plinth height 0.60 m.

16) In all document owner’s name should be on recorded from 6 months ago . its necessary.

Procedure of after plan inward :-

1) All document , sogandnama , forms, drawings, put it on the one file . and give it to AAE engineer for verify documents . after that pay a file inward amount . after that joint the payable amount receipt in file and give a file to Clark for adding file number.

2) After getting a number file will be sent on AAE’s desk after 2-3 days. Then you have to take their time to check your file.

3) Before file checked 1) plot’s size will get checked by RMC local surveyor . if we measure site from total station or tape . they will assure that road’s width and plot actual size is right or not as per document. For this whole process first of all you have to take a time of RMC surveyor for this . and after survey they will give as a survey abhipray report of out plot. That will be joint in our file.

4) And nal-kapat connection’s request by jointing a required documents from TP department to water works department. And pay Amount of file inward. Then after 2 days in evening go to ward engineer and take a amount of nal connection kapat . as per ward engineer requirement amount of nal connection kapat should be paid . whenever request of nal connection kapat request gets on ward engineer’s desk then they will be sent their to cut a nal connection on site . then after 2 days ward engineer make a report of nal connection kapat . after report they will provide a nal connection kapat NOC . after that get a signature of ward engineer , and deputy engineer. Then NOC will forward to TP department.

5) TP department’s AAE will start to check file and nal connection noc, and survey report include in file.

6) AAE will give us any type of quarry or changes in drawing and document list . as per CDGCR rule.

7) If file is fully correct then it will be sent on ATP sir’s desk . RMC’s all form will fulfilled before get to ATP sir’s desk. Then he will noting in file and forward to TPO sir.

8) Explain content of file to ATP sir . if he find a quarry or anything wrong then he give as to solve it or give advice us to solve it. Then he forward file by clark to TPO sir’s desk.

9) TPO sir will check file and if all document and plan will ok as per CDGCR then he signs a file and file will be forwarded by clark at again AAE sir’s desk.

Completion certificate – RMC

Steps of completion certificate before inward :-

1) Site visit by AAE sir from RMC.

2) Construction should be same as per approved plan.

3) Final fire noc is necessary to joint in completion document and all fire equipment should be available at site.

4) Lift noc required

5) Approved plan , construction permission and commencement copy is compulsory required.

6) Material testing report required

7) Solar or bore charge on site required

8) Site photos required

9) If all work is done as per approved plan after then you can put a completion certificate request.

10) As above all documents and RMC form joint then inward it.

Steps of completion certificate after inward :-

1) If building is low-rised then second time AAE sir and ATP sir will come and visit site.

2) If its needy then TPO sir will also come to visit a site.

3) After site visit if AAE sir get satisfied then he will write a file.

4) After AAE noted a file it will be sent to ATP sir. If ATP sir gives permission then you can will pay a amount in RMC department and after file gets permission you will be get completion certificate in 2-3 days.

Steps of after file permission :-

1) AAE gives file permission then after fulfilled the charges letter of RMC department. Following types of charges will payable

- Street charges , tree plantation charges , chakasni fee , betterment levy , sub plot charges , jagya rokan charges , building regulation analgesine , open plot , paid FSI or others. - RMC drainage department - RUDA development charges

2) All charges you can pay in cash or cheque and attach a receipt of charges in file. Then after give it to clark to write a commencement.

3) After commencement done by Clark pad Rs. 25/- of pemission and put construction permission date and number.

4) After that do stamp and signature in plan and after commencement write AAE will signature and after that ATP sir will be sign.

5) After that construction permission, commencement letter will given by clark.